Ability, fitness and health concerns will affect us all from time to time. Rectification of any such problems can be a challenge because different providers have different agendas and all have positives and negatives. By way of example – short term pain relief with drugs can often offer relief in crisis, but what possible motive can the pharmaceutical industry have for providing anything other than symptom relief (necessarily, their success is measured by the happiness of their shareholders). Symptom relief – even with the highest possible motive- if not accompanied by fixing the underlying complaint, can often result in the worsening of the condition.

Hospitalisations are burgeoning, with vast amounts of surgery and generations of people on huge cocktails of medication and no clear vision of how this requirement will ever be satisfied or changed. Many feel this does not represent how the original “master plan” was conceived. Hence the enormous tidal turn towards sources of health perpetuation other than that which modern man has developed over the last 100 years or so. An overwhelming truism in all this is: “The body will heal itself in the way it made itself, provided there is no interference”. Nobody would question their valuable place in society or the good intentions of their workers, however some bodies speculate that hospitals would be around 15% of their current volume, were this fully appreciated.

This is why we at Ability Back would encourage you to get your ability back without interference to any of the other mechanisms of the body (i.e. be aware of side effects of ANY non natural methods of symptom alleviation).

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