What can be done to actually correct this problem with my spine?

This is a question we are posed frequently. Many people go through countless procedures (drugs, surgery, massage [massage is extremely supportive of correction, but is not corrective of incorrect spinal function], physical therapy etc., often alleviating the symptoms without correcting the actual cause.)

Proper correction must always include:

1. a proper postural assessment in measureable terms. (If you don’t measure it you cannot see or demonstrate its’ improvement.)

2. Finding the history and cause of the problem. (The recent simple trip and discomfort requires a completely different approach to somebody who had a car accident 30 years ago and now has acute back pain with or without raging sciatica, or a very tight painful neck with other symptoms in the upper body or arm(s).

3. Determining if there are any other body performance malfunctions associated with the spine and nerve interference (the majority of people with long term spinal complaints also have other ‘body performance compromises’).

Only when the proper assessment and rectification of the matters has been completed can the problem be regarded as corrected. Sometimes maintenance of correction is recommended, this varies from one case to the next.

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