…I am convinced that without these treatments I would not have been able to change my career to professional dance instructor…
Tony W.

…I had done all the rounds of (therapists)…  and my doctor admitted nothing else could be done for me and that I would have to live with painkillers. I did not intend to do that for the rest of my life…     … have not looked back since my first consultation…
Ann K.

…I can honestly say that my back and neck has greatly improved and that my mobility is now excellent, despite the fact I am always bending and lifting in my job as a  gardener…
Graham M.

…thorough consultation and clear explanation…      …treatment painless and effective.. …obviously this has improved my quality of life and for this I am very grateful…
Rachel B.

These statements have been abbreviated for efficiency and clarity. These and others are available for perusal in completeness at our practice, together with references in support of the scientific aspects of this guide.

At a superficial level correction of spinal mobility problems will invariably lead to greater comfort and health, more deeply – an enhanced quality of life is frequently appreciated.

As with any guide, the content here is – to a certain extent – inevitably anecdotal, some is within the direct experience of or associates of the writer and not necessarily the views of all members of the profession.

Experiences vary from one person to the next, some are subjective and therefore difficult to quantify scientifically. Where practical and appropriate it has been edited and modified to satisfy a panel of twelve Health Care Professionals with an accumulated practice experience in excess of 150 years, together with an unselected 25 patients whose opinions were sought to verify its fairness and accuracy.

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